UV chamber for preconditioning test

In PV modules, many different components are exposed to the sunlight. Therefore, the IEC 61215 defines a UV preconditioning test (MQT 10) to test whether these components can withstand the UV radiation of the sun.

In our test chamber, the UV radiation is up to five times the sun intensity to accelerate the test, as requested in the UV preconditioning test.

During the test, the module temperature is kept constant at 60°C in a special temperature chamber. We deliver our UV preconditioning chamber turnkey including the data acquisition unit, radiation and temperature sensors.

For waste heat disposal, the chamber is equipped with a water/air heat exchanger that can be connected to a cold water grid. This minimizes the heat load in the room were the chamber is installed.

Technical specifications

Test area 2.6 x 1.4 m
Inhomogeneity of irradiance Better 15%
Intensity of light Max 250 W/m²
Doses for the tests 15kWh for IEC 61215 and 60kWh for IEC 61730
Sensors UVA, UVB and PT100
ISO17025 (Optional) ISO17025 calibration certificate for the sensors
Relevant standards IEC 61215 MQT 10, IEC 61730 MST 54

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for remote control of the test stand
  • Real-time visualization of UV radiation
  • Display of the module temperatures
  • Automatic switch of the test after the irradiation dose is reached
  • Setting of calibration values