IVCT - IV curve tracer

In recent years, we have been developing a sophisticated IV curve tracer for PV modules including a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function.

The IV curve tracer is designed for operation with any market-available steady-state solar simulator. Through our web-based software design, the operator can supervise the test results from every computer in a company network. The software contains functions such as an irradiation sum counter that helps to check requirements stated in a stabilization test like they are defined in IEC 61215 (MQT 19). We have also included a correction function to correct the traced IV curves to standard test conditions (STC) when the user enters the required temperature coefficients. One of the most important features is the multi-IV curve tracing function, which enables the user to display more than 150 IV curves in one graph. This eases the analysis of the weakest cells in hot-spot tests, which are required in IEC 61730 (MST 22) and IEC 61215 (MQT 09).

Technical specifications

Simultaneous testing capacity 1
Maximum power 600W
Maximum current 30A
Maximum voltage 500V
Measurements ISC, VOC, PMAX, I@MPP, V@MPP,
Calculations FF, STC,
Operation modes MPP track and IV curve tracing

Key facts

  • Operational with any market-available steady-state solar simulator
  • Modules up to 600W can be connected
  • Comes with all required sensors
  • WPVS cell connection possible
  • Can be operated with reference cells or pyranometers
  • All sensors and data acquisition units can be calibrated according to ISO 17025

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for full remote control of the test stand
  • Irradiation sum counter for stabilization tests
  • Adding of calibration values
  • Up to four temperature sensors can be connected to the module
  • Automated correction to standard test conditions (STC)
  • Multi-IV curve tracing functions for hot-spot testing
  • Scheduled IV curve tracing in defined time intervals between MPPT