Our Vision

We believe in solar energy as a vital part of the energy landscape. In industrialized countries this will result in cleaner energy options and reduced dependency on fossil fuels. In regions without access to energy grids, the use of solar energy enables the access to heat and power without reliance on central utilities.

The rate of solar research, product development and solar energy deployment still continues to accelerate. Our vision is to share our years of experience in the solar field to maintain that momentum. Our goal is to be a catalyst for the progress of solar technology. We will assist researchers in their efforts to develop the next generation of products, and help industry deploy technologies with the assurance of quality in their products.

For more than a decade, we have been closely aligned with solar research and understand its complexities. We have built a company to flexibly support research efforts while connecting to industry to better deploy solar projects in the field. We are striving to keep solar at the forefront of clean energy technology and provide viable energy choices for the future.