Laboratory planning + realization

In the past decade, we have set up complete laboratories for our customers for PV, solar thermal and energy efficient building products. This service helps to speed up the process from the idea of setting up a laboratory to the first sophisticated test. Many of our customers have received an ISO 17025 accreditation for their laboratories with our advanced test equipment.

Most laboratories that we have established follow the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards. With our partners, we are able to deliver all equipment turnkey.

During the planning phase, we layout the entire laboratory for the customer depending on the available space. We optimize the space regarding:

  • Test time
  • Easy handling
  • Safety issues
  • Supplies
  • Noise

The result is a customized layout tailored to the specific needs.

During the planning, we layout the entire laboratory in our 3D-CAD program and optimize the positioning of the equipment hand in hand with the customer.

After finishing the planning phase, the customer receives a detailed plan with the amount and location of all necessary supplies regarding electricity, compressed dry air, cooling water, heat load to the room, floor load and the dimension of doors and access ways.

After the layout of the laboratory, we start manufacturing our machines and the customer can start preparing the building. We are in a constant exchange with the customer and keep them updated about the process.

As a final step, the machines are then sent to the customer, and the installation can be finished in a very short time.

For all of our machines, we provide extensive training, which enables the user to handle the machine and perform tests according to the international quality standards.