Electrical safety tester

PSE AG has developed an electrical safety test that combines different tests for the testing of PV modules. With our four-in-one tester it is possible to test the following according to IEC 61215-2 and IEC 61730:

  • Wet leakage current test (MQT 15 IEC 61215-2)
  • Insulation (dielectric withstand) test (MST 16, IEC 61730)
  • Ground continuity test (MST 13, IEC 61730)
  • Reverse current overload test (MST 26, IEC 61730)

Technical specifications

Test area 2.6 m × 1.4 m (other sizes on request)
Maximum test voltage 10000V for insulation tests
Maximum current 65A for reverse current overload test
Relevant tests MQT15, MST13, MST 16, MST 26
Relevant standards IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 61730

Key facts

  • Automated testing through predefined test procedures, with easy and comfortable mounting of modules
  • Flexible adjustment of immersion depth of the module
  • Safety features to protect the user from high currents during MST26 tests and voltages during MST 16 tests, whereby all of the sensors that we deliver come with an ISO 17025 calibration protocol



Software features

  • Easy export of test parameters to generate a test report
  • Guiding of the user through the test
  • Display of all measurement values
  • Definition of standard and customized tests
  • We place great value on comfort and flexibility during the design of this tester. The predefined test procedures in the software lead into an easy adjustable tool without losing the flexibility for user-specific testing. The documentation fulfills the requirements of standardization bodies according to accreditation. All important test parameters are recorded and stored via the test stand’s graphical user interface.