Power supply rack for climatic cycling test

One essential part of the module quality testing according to IEC 61215 is the thermal cycling test (MQT 11) and humidity freeze test (MQT 12). Besides the environment simulation in the climate chamber, it is necessary to energize the PV modules during specific parts of the test.

Besides the energizing, it is necessary to monitor each single module temperature, the ambient temperature as well as the humidity during the test.

At PSE AG, we have developed a power supply and data acquisition system that is able to work with any market-available climate chamber.

The power supply rack is delivered with up to ten single power supplies, a data acquisition system and sensors to energize and monitor the modules during the thermal cycling tests.

The software delivered with the system automatically checks for the validity of the ambient parameters, activates the power supply in the correct moments of the test and reports any deviations.

An electrical isolated rack for the installation of the PV module inside the climatic chamber and a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) to continue the measurements during electrical break down can optionally be ordered with the equipment. For accredited test laboratories, we offer ISO 17025 certification for all relevant components.

Technical specifications:

Output power 1500W
Voltage range 0 – 80V*
Current range 0 – 19A*
Simultaneous testing capacity 10 modules
Uninterruptable power supply Optional
Applicable standards IEC 61215, IEC 61646
Applicable tests MQT 11 thermal cycling test; MQT 12 humidity freeze test
* Optional: other voltage/current range is available  

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Real-time visualization of key measurements in graphical displays
  • Automatic check-up of the validity of the test (e.g. climate conditions)
  • Easy traceability of the calibration factors used in the measurement data