Rain Penetration and Thermal Shock Tester

This is a user-friendly, three-in-one test stand for your operating convenience. Internal and external shock tests as well as rain penetration tests are all important for determining the quality and durability of your products and meeting all relevant international standards.

The hydraulic circuit, sensors and data acquisition equipment are designed to perform tests according to ISO 9806, EN 12975 and EN 12976.

Technical specifications

Standard test area 2.2 m × 2.2 m
Simultaneous testing capacity 1
Number of spray nozzels 9
Water temperature regulation Controlled heater
Accuracy of sensors  
Volume flow ± 5 %
Temperature sensor Class B
Pyranometer First Class
Relevant standards ISO 9806, EN 12975, EN 12976

Key facts

  • Testing of flat plate and vacuum tube collectors as well as thermosiphon systems
  • Weather independent rain penetration testing
  • Flexible adjustment for different collector sizes
  • Easy modification of the inclination angle
  • All sensors included for standard testing

Software features

  • Fully automated testing
  • Input field for reference numbers to match measurement data and collector model
  • Definition of standard test cycles as well as free programming
  • Saving of all configuration data for documentation purpose
  • Easy entering of calibration values of sensors

All relevant test parameters can be configured via a graphical user interface using our standard software. This also enables you to transfer measured data to a PC for documentation.