Mechanical Load Test Stands

Solar modules and collectors, whether on roofs, in façades, or freestanding, are often exposed to high mechanical stress or load: A deep layer of snow or strong winds can greatly affect the materials and connections. Mechanical load test stands accurately test the durability of PV modules and thermal solar collectors. 

PSE’s three mechanical load test stands cover the full range of testing requirements and have already convinced internationally known institutes. Whether complete assembly systems, climate chamber, or standard testing is required, PSE’s test stands will fulfill all testing requirements.

Comfortable mechanical stress testing for load distribution with a high level of homogeneity.

Robust mechanical load test stand, which fulfills all relevant standard requirements.

For testing modules and collectors with complete elevation systems, as well as thermosiphon systems.

The requirements related to testing collectors and modules range from standard testing for single modules to comprehensive testing of complete elevation systems. Testing institutes face the challenge of reproducibly testing many different modules and collectors with a wide range of measurements, with minimal changeover time and optimal load distribution. In order to test the modules as realistically as possible, a climate chamber can simulate the influence of mechanical load under hot and cold conditions.