Dynamic thermal module

For testing heat pumps or chillers the temperature level of the heat source is typically at -5 to 10 °C. Whereas the temperature level for the heat sink is typically between 20 – 60 °C. To cover this wide range, we are offering our dynamic thermal modules with water or brine as heat transfer medium.

Our dynamic thermal modules enables for fast temperature changes of up to 15K/min of the supply temperature.
Our modules can be used for heating (source) or cooling (sink) during the performance test for electrical or thermal driven heat pumps or chillers. 

Technical specifications:

   Measurement range 15 – 95 °C (up to -25 °C possible)
   Change rate up to 15 K/min
   Stability 0.2 °C
Volume Flow  
   Measurement range 0.4 – 9 m³/h*
   Stability 1 % v. MW.
   Heating 30 kW
   Cooling 30 kW (@ 10°C)
    other on request
Relevant Standards DIN EN 14511-3

Software Features:

Test procedures according DIN EN14511-3 are mostly predefined in the software. Therefore the following control modes are available in the standard version:

  • Constant supply temperature at constant volume flow
  • Constant supply temperature at constant pressure drop
  • Temperature ramps (supply) at constant volume flow

Other software features are:

  • Visual display of measurement data
  • Storage of all data in a data base

Key Facts:

The module fulfills the requirements according DIN EN 14511 in means of control accuracy of the supply temperature and volume flow. The system can be adjusted individual according the test requirements of our customers.