PID testing equipment

The potential induced degradation (PID) is addressed with the standard IEC TS 62804-1. The standard defines two methods which allow for analyzing occurring PID effects in a specific PV module type.

PSE AG offers the necessary equipment which is needed for the test in a climate chamber.

The test equipment can work with any climate chamber on the market and is delivered turnkey. It comes with all necessary equipment, high voltage power sources, sensors, data acquisition and software.

As the high voltage sources can supply negative and positive it is also possible to anneal solar PV modules which show potential induced degradation effects.

Optional, an electrical isolated rack for the installation of the PV module inside the climatic chamber and a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) to continue the measurements during electrical break down, can be ordered with the equipment. 

Technical specifications

Applicable Voltage ±1800V
Simultaneous testing capacity 6 modules
Voltage ramp rate 2V/s – 500V/s
Voltage ripple Max. 2mV
Max. test current 6mA
Resolution of current adjustment 1µA
Uniteruptable power supply Optional
Relevant standards IEC TS 62804-1

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Real-time visualization of key measurements in graphical displays
  • Automatic checkup of the validity of the test (e.g. climate conditions)
  • Easy traceability of the calibration factors used in the measurement data