Peel-off tester for PV Module laminate

The connection between the laminate and all other components of a PV module are essential for a high durability and long lifetime of PV modules. Only when the laminate protects the electrical components from humidity and water a good insulation is guaranteed.

For the analysis of the compound between laminate, cell and glass, PSE AG is offering a peel off tester which is specially developed for the peel off test on PV modules.

The peel tester can be placed on any PV module and is able to pull in a constant angle of 90° or other pull angles. The pull speed can be adjusted and the pull forces is recorded during the entire test.

Technical specifications

Tensile force 0 – 1000 N
Accuracy of force sensor ± 0.1%
Peel length 0 – 330 mm
Speed adjustment 50 – 250 mm/min
Angle adjustment 45° - 90 ° in 5° steps
Tara function Yes
Control software Web interface operational on any PC

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for full remote control of the test stand
  • Real-time visualization of the pull-force
  • Adjustment of pull speed and pull distance
  • Setting of the installed pull angle
  • Tare the force sensor
  • Setting of calibration values