P4 Tracker

PSE’s high-precision outdoor trackers give you top-quality testing options. We offer two different tracking systems, the larger and more accurate Tracker P4 and the smaller Tracker P2.

Our tracking systems can be combined with different measurement equipment to fulfill requirements of solar thermal collector and PV module test standards. Combined with our Heliosensor it is also possible to reach higher tracking accuracies required for testing concentrating solar technologies.

Technical specifications

Standard test area 2.5 m × 5 m
Load capacity 500 kg
   Elevation axis 0 – 90°
   Azimuth axis 300°
   Tracking precision ‹± 0.5 ° in both axes
Upgrade for testing of concentration technologies possible yes
Installation of artificial wind generators possible yes
Relevant standards ISO 9806, EN 12975, IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 62108

Key facts

  • Two-axis tracking
  • Low installation height for easy mounting of modules and collectors
  • Aluminum strut system for flexible mounting of the test frames
  • Tracking with NREL sun position algorithm
  • Automatic movement to wind safety position
  • Artificial wind generators are available

Software features

  • Tracking perpendicular to the sun
  • Offset tracking for determination of incident angle modifier
  • Optional: Tracking on sun position sensor
  • Software interface for external control
  • Visualization of deviation between tracker and the sun

For the control of our tracking systems we provide a graphical user interface which can be installed on every standard PC. It offers the possibility for remote control of all tracker parameters.