SORAS-ST6 - Steady state solar simulator for solar thermal collectors

Our steady state solar simulators enable you to test and develop solar thermal collectors independent of weather and season, faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively than ever before. SORAS-ST6 is a turnkey product, delivered 100 % ready to go!

Sun simulation

In our simulators we use high quality metal halide lamps to generate a light source with a sun-like spectrum. As the lamps also produce heat, an glass artificial sky in installed in front of the lamps. The artificial sky generates an infrared exchange with the collector that emulates outdoor conditions.

Performance measurement

For the performance measurement, the distribution of light intensity across the collector surface is required, for each and every measurement. Our simulators have an integrated X-Y-scanner with a pyranometer mounted on top, which automatically and precisely determines the homogeneity of light. Additionally it measures distribution of the artificially generated wind conditions. For the determination of the power curve of the collector, the mass flow and the inlet temperature are controlled by the system software. Each test measurement is completed and validated automatically.

Technical specifications

Test stand, area specifications  
   Standard test area 2.2 m × 2.2 m
   Setting angle, test area 0 – 60 °
   Angle positioning of light source and collector test platform fixed
Lamp specifications  
   Number of lamps 6
   Lamp type metal halide
   Non uniformity better 15 % (2.2 m × 2.2 m)
   Maximum intensity 950 W/m²
   Temporal instability of the light source < 1 %
   Dimming 75 – 100%
Accuracy of test conditions  
   Temporal stability of water temperature ± 0.1 K
   Temporal stability of mass flow ± 1 %
Standard boundary conditions  
   Mass flow 100 – 600 kg/h
   Temperature 0 – 100 ° C
   Wind speed on test area 2 – 4 m/s
Relevant standards ISO 9806, EN 12975

Key facts

  • Metal halide lamps which simulate a sun-like spectrum
  • Artificial wind generators to simulate heat losses caused by wind
  • Actively cooled artificial sky emulating infrared exchange between collector and the outdoor sky
  • X-Y-scanner to measure the homogeneity of total and infrared radiation as well as the distribution of wind speed
  • Fully automated determination of efficiency curves including temperature variations at the inlet of the collector and mass flow control
  • Visualization of measurement data in a system diagram
  • Loading and setting of pre-defined test schedules
  • Traceability of calibration factors used in the measurement data
  • Ready for accreditation

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