Mechanical Load Tester

The MLT21 is our basic mechanical load test stand. It simulates static and
dynamic loads and is suitable for load testing according to international standards
for modules of typical size. Twelve pneumatic cylinders with vacuum
suction cups exert both compressive and tensile loads on the test sample.
The MLT21 is an excellent product for basic testing. Manual test setup and
adjustment is accomplished quickly and easily. Cylinders are activated or
deactivated with manual ball valves and can be positioned individually to
achieve any desired (even non uniform) suction cup arrangement.

See the YouTube video showing an MLT24 test stand in action at the CFV Solar Test Laboratory!

Technical specifications

Test area 3.0 m × 1.4 m
Simultaneous testing capacity 1
Number of pneumatic cylinders 21
Number of suction cups at one piston 4
Maximum total exertable force with all cylinders Push +24,255 N
Pull -18,410 N
Corresponding maximum pressure load (on 1,7 m²) +14,267 Pa
Pull -10,830 Pa
Load cycle frequency 0.1 Hz (optional 1 Hz)
Number of deflection sensors 1 (optional 8)
Relevant standards IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 62782, UL 1703, ISO 9806, EN 12975

Key facts

  • Uniform load distribution and software optimization
  • Fast adjustment for testing units of different sizes with sliding cross bars and quick release levers.
  • High precision load measurement using sophisticated design of the force measuring frame. 
  • Static and dynamic load testing according to common international standards 
  • Applicable forces up to +13 kN / -11 kN
  • Highly accurate deflection-measurement of the unit under test by optical distance sensors.
  • Electrical continuity measurement for PV modules available

Software features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for full remote control of the test stand
  • Predefined load cycles according to IEC 61215 and IEC 61646
  • Dynamic testing according to IEC 62782
  • Tests with increasing load in 250 Pa steps according to EN 12975
  • Customized test schedules (even non-cyclic, free definition of various load setpoints, can be saved and restored)
  • Real-time visualization of key measurements in graphical displays
  • Quick and easy test scheduling – through displaying of required testing times