Tracker for Testing CPV Module Systems

The tracking precision of our biaxial tracker is better than ±1° on each axis, with an option for ±0.1° precision. This makes the tracker ideal for testing concentrating PV modules. The software runs all required tests for angle-dependent testing of PV modules according to IEC 62108. 

In addition, our tracker can determine the angle-dependent output of PV modules, in a test described in IEC 61853-2. 

The solar incidence angle is a deciding factor in both the CPV module measurements and the determination of output according to IEC 61853-2. PSE has developed and perfected a sensor for precise measurement of the incidence angle.


Most important facts:

  • Tracking accuracy: <±1° (optional ±0.1)    
  • Maximum load: 200kg    
  • Elevation axes tracking: 22° to 90°    
  • Azimuth axes tracking: 270°    
  • Tracking software with three operation modes: 
    • manual       
    • automatic        
    • user-defined (predefined offset angle in relation to sun position)    
  • Tracking software with three operational modes:       
    • manual       
    • automatic tracking       
    • user-defined mode (a pre-defined path relative to the sun position)


Cross-flow fans for ventilation of the modules during testing  

Please contact us for detailed technical descriptions.