ELC – Electroluminescence Camera

For defect analysis of PV panels in the field, laboratory or production there is an important image processing method, which is used for all three applications.

This is the electroluminescence (EL). A current is applied to the solar cells which than emits an infrared radiation. This radiation is not visible for a human eye but can be observed with special cameras in combination with filters and lenses.

For taking electroluminescence pictures we adjust a premium full-frame mirrorless camera. This camera can be used to take EL pictures in PV power plants and laboratories. Our set up is also designed to take videos as we only need very short light exposure times.

It is important to know that EL inspections in the field can only be performed in twilight or in the dark.

For the analysis of EL pictures there are standards for example IEC/TS 63202-2 and IEC TS 60904-13.

Technical specifications

Effective pixels 24 MP (45 MP Optional)
Sensor size Full-frame
LCD size 3,2 Inch
Movie - file format MOV, MP4
Camera case Yes
Remote control via smartphone Yes
Warranty 24 months
Relevant standards IEC TS 60904-13; IEC/TS 63202-2