Web-applications for Managing, Maintaining and Extending Project Databases

Solar Heat for Industrial Processes - SHIP database

Web-applications for the "solar heat in industrial processes" database of AEE-INTEC: The web-applications provides a growing platform for the presentation of solar thermal plants. It enables our customer to extend the database using a supervised process. Plant managers can add new projects and provide characteristic information, which are in turn validated and published by AEE-INTEC.

Additionally the web-applications provide a filtering mechanism enabling users to assemble collections and generate statistics of projects with similar technologies or based on different properties like the system size.

CPV Project Library

Web-applications for a database with concentrator photovoltaics projects integrated in the web-site of the CPV-Consortium: The web-applications enables the site mangers to integrate and maintain the characteristic data for new projects. Filtering and statistical functions enable users to compare different projects and generate oversights based on various properties of the contained systems.

>>> cpvconsortium.org/projects 


EnoB Building Database

Web-applications for managing a research database for energy-optimized building: It provides comprehensive information on demonstration buildings including descriptions, images and building performance data based on long term monitoring campaigns. The following key features are part of the platform:

  • Editing and presentation of project descriptions, including images and core data
  • Configuration of the system components for each building
  • Upload of long term monitoring data for the previously configured system components
  • Standardized Excel templates to upload the monitoring data are generated, based on the interactive building configuration
  • Filtering and comprehensive statistics on the basis of the data sets included, enable oversights and cross comparisons of projects, as well as exporting compiled data for further analysis
  • Upload and categorization of additional information available as documents
    (e.g. buildings plans, project reports)

>>> enob.pse.de/projects/locations