Data Monitoring / Analysis

Heatpumps and Chiller Test Center Software

Development of a software suite for the Fraunhofer ISE test and development center for heat pumps and chillers. The software suite for the test center includes:

  • Data acquisition software with interfaces to the hardware components devices and modules that are part of the test center
  • Data interfaces to third party software controllers
  • Software controller for the hydraulic circuits and modules
  • Connectivity and data management components, based on our time-series platform
  • User configurable graphical user interfaces to conduct, automatize and supervise test cycles

Case Study: CASCADE ICT for Energy Efficient Airports

  • Development and configuration of an advanced datalogger
  • Software development for data acquisition and visualisation via web-based database
  • Dissemination activities (platforms, conferences, EU events)
  • Project website, poster, brochure, etc


Solar Mapping and Monitoring India

  • To build up capacity in the relevant Indian institutions to set up and operate a country-wide system for solar radiation measuring, focusing specially on high potential areas for power generation, especially CSP power plants
  • To monitor and benchmark the performance of installed PV power plants

Main activities

  • Technical Set up of IT infrastructure at C-WET for irradiation data evaluation of over 50 measurement stations. Set up a solar map for India with geographical distribution of direct/indirect irradiation.
  • Statistical performance analysis of existing PV power plants(bench marking)
  • Implement monitoring system at 5 selected PV power plants
  • Capacity building seminars and workshops with relevant stakeholders in India