OET – Outdoor exposure tester

A comprehensive analysis of PV modules includes many different parameters. Determining the normal module operating temperature (NMOT), incidence angle effects and comparing soiling effects on different modules up to the initial degradation of PV modules are all parameters that can be analyzed with our outdoor exposure tester. The tester comes with up to twelve electronic loads installed in a 19" rack. The loads have two main functions: maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and IV curve tracing. For the advanced analysis, it is possible to change between these two modes within one test. In the normal operation mode, the electronic load keeps the module under MPP and each predefined interval an IV curve is traced. The entire tester comes with all necessary sensors such as temperature sensor, which can be attached to the module to determine the NMOT temperature like defined in IEC 61215 (MQT 05) and IEC 61853-2. The irradiation sensor is also included. In combination with our tracking system P2, it is also possible to determine incident angle effects of the PV module. It is also possible to connect other irradiation sensors for diffuse and direct irradiation, which helps to understand the behavior of the module in different irradiation conditions. An optional albedo meter is a powerful tool for the analysis of bifacial modules. The entire graphical user interface is web based and offers the possibility to access the system from the all computers in the network.

Technical specifications

Simultaneous testing capacity Up 12
Maximum power 600W
Maximum current 30A
Maximum voltage 500V
Measurements ISC, VOC, PMAX, I@MPP, V@MPP,
Calculations FF, P@STC,
Relevant standards and tests IEC 61215 (MQT 05, MQT 08, MQT 19.1 MQT 19.2); IEC 61863-2,

Key facts

  • Modules up to 600W can be connected
  • Enables comprehensive outdoor performance analysis of PV modules
  • Comes with all required sensors (wind, irradiation, temperature, module power)
  • Enables soiling analysis
  • Automated report generator for NMOT test (MQT 05) and outdoor exposure test (MQT 08) according to IEC 61215
  • All sensors and data acquisition units can be calibrated according to ISO 17025

Software features

  • Web-based intuitive graphical user interface for full remote control of the test stand
  • Different user levels integrated
  • Irradiation sum counter for stabilization tests
  • Periodical IV curve tracing possible
  • Automated correction to STC conditions
  • Implementation of all required calibration parameters
  • Advanced data analysis available