MBT – Module breakage tester

The tester is used to provide confidence that the risk of physical injuries can be minimized if the PV module is broken in its specified installation. The module breakage test is specified in the IEC 61730 (MST 32).

Our test stand is made of a solid steel framework made of steel channel profiles, which are able to minimize the deformation or deflection appearing during a breakage test.

Two extruded aluminum beams are supplied to mount the module to be tested. These can be manually adjusted in the vertical plane to correspond to the current test requirements and size of the module. The front surface of these beams has a T-slot, providing a high degree of flexibility for mounting almost any kind of test object.

The main feature of this module breakage tester is an impactor bag, which strikes the module once it is released from a release height.

Technical specifications

Simultaneous testing capacity 1
Maximum module size 2.6m x 1.4m
Impactor dimensions Height: 400mm, Diameter: 250mm, Weight: 45,5 kg
Relevant standards and tests IEC 61730 Module breakage test MST 32

Key facts

  • Rigid powder-coated frame for mounting of the module
  • Leather impactor wrapped with tape and a weight of 45.5kg included
  • Safety shield to protect the operator from splinters
  • Easy release mechanism to start the impact
  • Hand crane to bring the impactor to its release height
  • Lifting height adjustable between 100mm and 500mm