LID Tester Solar Cells

The International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz) developed a testing device in order to determine the light induced degradation (LID) of silicon solar cells. This test stand is now available at PSE AG.  The laboratory device is built in order to perform research regarding LID on silicon solar cells and silicon wafers also including annealing and regeneration processes. It can be used to perform recipe controlled experiments from simple degradation and annealing steps up to high complexity experiments with up to four solar cells in one run. 


The test stand is designed to: 

  • give cell producers the possibility to check the quality of their product    
  • give research institutes a reliable tool for the testing and the development of new solar cells
  • give module producers the possibility to check the quality of the cells they use.

Key facts:

  • Simultaneous testing capacity of the cells     
  • Maximum test size of the cells: 160 x160 mm    
  • Temperature range for the testing of the cells: 10-220 °C    
  • Spectral quality of the lamp: Class B    
  • Maximum irradiance in test area: 1000 Wm-² 

For more technical details please contact us.