Data Monitoring and Management

Acquisition, validation and analysis of large time-series data sets are frequent tasks in solar energy projects.

The basis of our activities in this field is our in-house developed distributed time-series management platform. Its core elements are database nodes using the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) to rapidly access large time-series data-sets. A custom network protocol connects the databases to a hierarchical or M2M (Many-To-Many) network, capable of handling a large number if distributed time-series data-sets.Standardized and combinable computational modules allow to implement automated, near real-time data analysis processes.

Additionally, monitoring and control tools provide the connection between data analysis and data acquisition tasks, featuring connectivity to a large number of measuring and control devices. On the basis of this platform, we currently deploy applications for:

  • Longterm monitoring campaigns (e.g. building performance measurements)
  • Test centers
  • Energy management