Event Realization

The success of a conference is dependent on the quality of the program and speakers, the number of attendees, and the types of sponsors and supporters. A complete communication program including mailings, newsletters, press releases and advertising via media partners and industry websites will be designed to suit your needs. 

PSE has experience selecting conference locations, evaluating and selecting hotels, and nego­tiating arrangements for the festive conference dinner and technical and sightseeing tours. Our staff are in permanent attendance to deal with on-site registration, answer questions, support speakers and generally ensure that everything is in place and functional. We make it our priority to see that everyone has an enjoyable and productive conference. 

We offer to:     

  • increase conference attendance with a customized communication program    
  • create attractive sponsorship packages and acquire sponsors    
  • manage hotel, food/catering and travel logistics    
  • arrange and realize all on-site matters before, during and after the conference